Payment Methods

For any further enquiries on payment and billing, please call CBN 24-hours Call Center at 1500780 or email to CBN Finance


For ATM payment, visit the ATM from CBN partner Banks

  • BCA
  • Mandiri
  • Panin
  • Permata

CBN Office

Starting from 1 July 2016, we only accept Non-Cash Cheque and Giro (addressed to PT Cyberindo Aditama), and also Debit Card/Credit Card for payment at CBN Offices:

  • Monday – Friday : 08.00 – 17.00 WIB
  • Saturday : 08.30 – 12.00 WIB

Cheque payment must be addressed to PT Cyberindo Aditama. Please do not send the cheque via post as we are not responsible for the lost if it is missing during the process. Information on CBN Offices can be viewed at CBN Contact Information

Credit Card

Please fill in the Change of Payment Method Form with a copy of your Credit Card (Front).

Your Credit Card will be charged every third week of the month. We will try to charge again any transaction failure that is not caused by your Credit Card. A notice will be sent to your email if the monthly payment has not successfully charged.

Please inform CBN for any changes on your Credit Card data, including when the Credit Card will expire.

Accepted Bank Credit Cards

  • BCA
  • Citibank
  • Standard Chartered
  • Danamon
  • HSBC
  • Maybank
  • Mandiri
  • Permata

Internet Banking

Visit our Internet Banking partners:

Mobile Banking

Payment with Mobile Banking BCA

CBN payment is more convenient with m-BCA. You can pay with your mobile anytime, anywhere.

How to pay CBN billing through m-BCA:

  • Choose “ m-BCA” on your mobile and tap “OK/Yes”
  • Choose “m-Payment” and tap “OK/Yes”
  • Choose “Others” and tap “OK/Yes”
  • Input “CBN” and tap “OK/Yes”
  • Input your customer ID and tap “OK/Yes”
  • Input the amount for your payment and tap “OK/Yes”
  • Input your m-BCA pin and tap “OK/Yes”
  • If you have more than one account registered with m-BCA, choose the account that you wish to use and tap “OK/Yes”
  • If the transaction details are correct, tap “OK/Yes” and continue to no.10. But if there is a mistake with the transaction details, please wait until the message disappeared without tapping on anything and the transaction will be cancelled.
  • Input your m-BCA pin and tap “OK/Yes”
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS for your transaction.

For more information on m-BCA and how to download BCA mobile app:

Payment with Permata Mobile Banking

How to pay CBN billing through Permata Mobile:

  • After home screen, choose “Payment”
  • Choose “Internet”
  • Input Prefix + Customer ID and amount to be paid
  • Choose “Yes” to allow the app to send text message
  • Input message for the transaction
  • You will receiver a confirmation message from 3399
  • Follow the instruction given to complete your transaction

For more information on Permata Mobile and how to download Permata Mobile app:

Payment with Mandiri SMS

How to pay CBN billing through Mandiri SMS:

  • Input payment instruction with text message and send it to 3355
  • Or choose “STK” menu and choose Mandiri SMS

For more information on Mandiri SMS:

Online Payment

Payment with BCA KlikPay

How to pay CBN billing through BCA KlikPay:

Payment Point

CBN has cooperated with Indomaret Payment Point and available at all Indomaret in Indonesia. Please go directly to any Indomaret cashier and give your CBN customer ID for your CBN monthly payment. Through this Payment Point you can enjoy the benefit of Tebus Murah program. Every month there will be a discount promo for one of the Indomaret products for every Payment Point transaction.

Virtual Account

CBN has cooperated with BCA and Niaga Bank for payment via virtual account.

Virtual account is a unique account number that is given to each CBN customer. With this account, the payment that has been made will be automatically identified as yours even if the proof of payment has not been sent to us

Your Niaga Bank Virtual Account Number is : 9009yyyyyyyy

Your BCA Virtual Account Number is : 00085yyyyyyyy

Where yyyyyyyy is your CBN Customer ID.

For payment from other banks, there will be a transfer fee (LLG/RTGS) that will be charged according to each bank's policy.